Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I-A-M B-A-C-K!

I am back, finally. This long hiatus has been necessary, really. I didn't think moving and finding my first job as well as my own pace in M√ľnchen could have made it so hard to just have the time to sit and reflect. I sincerely missed writing out there, but my absence also proved me that I have people that really care about Incognito which makes me proud. I just love the bonds I create thanks to this little space of mine and that is precisely why I felt so bad not being able to write out there.

So what's up now I am back?

The essence of the blog won't change, it will stay a place in which I share my point of view on fashion, culture, femininity and photography but with some little twists.

Photography has been part of my life for a little bit more than 6 years now. Writing about it here and on my Tumblr made me realize how it influences my perception of things and life. If not for photography I wouldn't have thought this deeply about my femininitySo far I didn't share a lot about my shootings because if I showed you my portfolio, you would think I spend my life naked. So pardon my nudity and bare with a nipple from here and there for the sake of telling you about my experience, my point of view and above all for the sake of having a good chat with you. Finally though this space is very egocentric, I will obviously keep on introducing you to great photographers, so keep an eye on Shoot That Thursday!

Picture by Alan Cat

I'm always talking about femininity and yet I didn't write that much in Le Petit Salon but I promise I'll be diligent!  I don't believe I am a feminist nonetheless I definitely love being a woman- except when I have a hormonal disorder that makes me feel like a pregnant woman minus the nine months thing- that is why you will hear more about the women inspiring me, burlesque and most probably about vapid girls' issues that caught my attention like why for an ad promoting a smartphone subscription I have to see when taking the tube the attractive and clever picture below.

I will also keep on with my Little Black Diary. I am absolutely not a palladin of black power and beauty, but I am convinced that sharing my point of view with you on my being French with cameroonian roots will lead to an interesting journey. 
Italy is sure not the most open-minded country when it comes to diversity but Germany is also surprising in its own way regarding melting-pot. It seems like here I can't just answer "I am French" when asked where I am from because then comes this one: "yeah but where are you originally from?" which is kind of a strange question to me since I AM and feel utterly French though my skin colour obviously tells otherwise. I firmly believe that a skin colour or slanting eyes (or whatever the physical aspect) cannot tell the whole story of an individual. Nowadays so many people have different backgrounds that I find it arguable to reduce a person to some physical specifities. Through this section I am talking about my own experience but I hope that people having different stories will also react. So to sum up my Little Black Diary, let me tell you: I am definitely much more than what I am embodying in the picture below.

Picture by Kfb

Finally, it was not possible not to mention fashion, did you forget? Incognito is a fashion blog! While I will keep on writing about how I perceive it I thought that now that I am working in this industry I should tell you about my current job. If you didn't know yet I am a fashion product editor
It's been three months I have started and I am learning a lot. I haven't studied anything related to fashion but it has been a passion of mine for some time now, however between having a huge interest for this world and working in it, there is a huge gap. Through my telling you about my tasks I just want to show you this leap I did. A new section is on the making, so stay tuned!

Ah, last but not least, I will now post once a week on the definite days of Incognito calendar that you can find here. In the days I won't post I'll try to stay active on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! So welcome back dear readers!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. that is the part of the art the idea. We all have a different point of view about fashion. What makes it important is you are the part of the fashion it self. When we wear something or put on make up, it reflection on what we feel at that moment. Fashion is a creativity of an individual, we feel then create. There is no reason to compare or to judge or teasing someone on what they're wearing.When u work and do everything that u love it called Heaven... Lovely decision that u've made...

    1. Hello Verna,

      First of all thanks a lot for your comment.

      "When we wear something or put on make, it is a reflection on what we feel at that moment."
      Your comment just made me thought about a post I am currently writing about charisma, so I guess I'll be back modifying just thanks to you so thanks a lot!

      I am glad you enjoyed my decision and hope to see you around soon!

      See you,



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