Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Money, money, money, will you change my fashion personality?

As already said in a previous post, as of January I will be starting earning my own living. Since then, plenty of thoughts have been in my mind and today I have decided to share some of them with you but only fashionably speaking. As a student I have always shopped where everybody does : Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear etc..in brief, these famous low-cost brands renowned for their ability to copy as fast as possible what is done in high fashion. During the time I was blogging I read a lot of critics about bloggers having a sudden change of style. From a wardrobe only composed of low-costs clothes, they now have a full room filled only with branded ones. Often these critics happen when these bloggers become famous or simply when they get a job with a better pay. That is why lately I have been wondering if getting a proper income will change my shopping habits. Will I indulge myself some really expensive fashion treats? Will money influence my style? Therefore my article's title and my listening non-stop to ABBA. 

Reading this blog you probably have noticed that I don't speak a lot about high fashion brands. Not that I don't like them but I simply consider high fashion an inspiration. "But sweetie, you are pointing out the obvious ! High fashion exists for this very reason : inspire." That's what a part of myself is saying to the other one (because I do have a lot of these kind of conversations with myself). That's true, I totally agree, it's obvious but at the same time I can't help thinking that in the era we are currently living, high fashion is not anymore here only to inspire but it has also become much more reachable. Whereas before a privilege for the well-off, it seems like in the era of internet high fashion is now accessible to more people. It has become so accessible that now dsigners of the best fashion houses even work together with low-cost brands to satisfy this desire of luxury and H&M should immediately come to mind when thinking about this topic. So where I stand now in this discussion? Well, nowhere. Before answering this way, I did have a lot of thoughts. Did I ever desire owning something from high end brands? Not really. What I love about haute couture is the concept behind a collection, what inspire the designer to create it, how a mix of things can give birth to clothes. After digging for all this, then come the pleasure to admire the work.

But that's not totally true that I won't buy high fashion. Again if you read that blog you'll know that I have a slight obssession for South Korea and its high fashion designers. I believe my infatuation for fashion in this country comes from the fact that designers there do not only have people born with a silver spoon in their mouth in mind, but they also care about plebeians (I do love using this word, after all I didn't study latin 10 years for nothing) like me and you. The wishlist I made few weeks ago is a reflection of myself wanting to own something high fashion, but something high fashion from South Korea. I did select pieces from Dim. E Cres. the affordable sporty line of Cres. E Dim. but before doing so I carefully checked the prices of the main line by Kim Hong Bum. At my surprise, whereas I wouldn't spend a penny on Alexander Wang clothes (whom I adore) I found myself thinking about sparing some money to get some clothes by Cres. E Dim. That is how I realized that I would rather buy clothes from designers in South Korea than buying from A. Wang or Chanel because while looking at their collections I really feel closer to their mindset: that is a mindset in which luxury is conceived with in mind people coming from different social backgrounds.

Whereas I am attracted by their high fashion, asian people, korean people included, prefer buying from european brands with a strong identity and History. I guess for them the concept of luxury is really linked with the fact that european brands have deep roots in the past. I believe that a Louis Vuitton bag is fascinating for them not only because it is from Europe but also and more importantly because though really on trend it is an heritage of a savoir-faire, a technique, a tradition that only belong to Louis Vuitton. I believe korean high fashion brands don't appeal to its people rightly because they lack this fascinating element that is History.
As for me, I am not sick of tradition, but being a literature and History lover, I tend to consider what I see in Europe as piece of art I would only get to see if I go in a museum therefore fashion in Europe for me is inspiration. In Asia the concept of high fashion is more recent and I like to see how despite the globalization, korean designers are apart. Basically buying something from CRES. E DIM. would mean to me that I am trying to understand more the culture of South Korea that is why I would be willing to pay a high price if it means that I'll be more cultured.

And as usual, forgive me, Dear Readers, for I have sinned. You all know me and my damned odd digression habit..so let's come back to the core of this post and answer this existential question: will money influence my style? HELL YEAH! If this influence means money giving me the power to buy what I couldn't afford before then let me say it again HELL YEAH! But though it will surely influence my fashion I will always stay true to myself. I mean, I have been blabbering about how much I am craving for CRES. E DIM., a high fashion brand totally inaccessible to me, but a brand that I am ready to pay the price for because eventhough now my style doesn't reflect it (blame it on the lack of money), I really love minimalism, especially korean minimalism not to say. That is why now, I can't get myself to blame those bloggers whose style according to people suddenly changed, because I don't believe that this change was actually sudden. But this is already another topic there!

If you are in my case how was your transition, fashionably speaking, from the insecure state of intern (or student) to full-time employee?
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. Oh congratulations! For you will start earning in January :) That is awesome news. And reading your whole post... all I can conclude is - Money changes your style true. But the kind of person you are, your motivations, your past, your geography and every other little factor will affect whether you decide to get a Wang or Cres E. Dim. :) I really appreciate your choice!


    Swati @ The Creative Bent

    1. Hello Swati,

      Thanks a lot! I will sound so materialistic saying so but I can't wait for my paycheck ahahah. Actually I can't wait for it not for shopping reasons but just because I just can't wait to feel how it is to be financially independent.

      I am glad you appreciate my choice, if I ever get to have a Cres. E Dim. piece of clothing I bet I will proudly show it here ;)!

      See you,


  2. Nothing materialistic with anticipating your first ever paycheck! it's only human, honey! Besides, if I were in your place I would be far more idiotic with my concerns of my spending (oh, the red shoes or orange ones?)

    IMO, it will only change you if you let it so. I've been in a place where I was receiving paycheck (measly, though) regularly, only once a month according to what fish I could get at the time, and so on. When your allowance increase, so is your needs. And most likely your most basic needs will be more refined as well. Like, you'll choose better food, better soap, better lipstick. Clothes will be a part of the casualty as well, of course, but with your own hard earned money on hand, you'll also at the same time be more cautious with what you do with them.

    Well, I ain't any expert, but that's kind of what happened to me, so basically nothing much changed except I'm more stingy and calculative and to be blunt, more materialistic hahaha.

    Anyway, so proud of your accomplishment, dear! I hope to catch up soon!!!

    The Dilly Chic

    1. Hello Nadya,

      It's a pleasure to read one of your comment here!

      After starting being a fashion product editor, I asked my co-worker if they were tempted buying some of the pieces they had under the eye and they were categorical answering these two things to me :
      - No because most of the items sold where we work are way over our monthly paycheck.
      - Yes when it is something reachable and that can easily match every item of your wardrobe.

      As for me, I am still not weavering eventhough when seeing a Balenciaga's coat today I wish I could have bought it because it really seemed like a piece of clothing I would wear forever, you know these essentials that are made out of the best materials and tailored to fit you like a glove, that's exactly how this coat looked in my eyes. It was black so really simple and yet so beautiful...

      So as to come back to your answer I guess I totally agree with you! I would also add that there is nothing wrong with wanting better things when you earn your own money but at the same time like you said yourself having more money make some people more cautious about what they buy (though that's not the case of everybody^^) and I think being more cautious also means knowing the value of money and the item you are buying.

      Hope my answer made any sense to you!

      See you soon,



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